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This page is for the folks out there who are either too busy to have a decent meal, or just the average poor student trying to save every itty bit of moolah by eating 2-minute noodles all the time. Well, I was a poor student in university once before and I’m currently a busy working professional but I did not have to eat 2-minute noodles or eat out all the time! WHY deprive yourself of the goodness of home-cooked meals when you can actually whip it up yourself and it won’t cost you an arm or foot?


Easy "Steamed" Rice

This is a really quick and easy way of getting almost perfect "steamed" rice.

Easy "Steamed" Rice
Level: Novice

Serves 2

Steamed Rice
Utensils/Tools Needed
Measuring Jug, Microwavable Deep Dish/Microwave Rice Cooker, Cling Wrap, Large Plate


1 cup of long grain rice
½ cup of hot water

  1. Wash/Rinse the rice till the water runs almost clear (this is to remove the excess starch)
  2. Pour it into the rice and stir around
  3. Cover the dish with 2 layers of cling wrap
  4. Use a fork and poke several holes in the cling wrap
  5. Put the dish on a large plate (this is to prevent a huge mess in microwave when the liquid overboils in the microwave)
  6. Set microwave on HIGH for 15 minutes.
  7. Let the rice sit for 5 minutes after it's done
  8. Fluff rice with a fork and serve.

Tip of the day:

Most supermarkets do have clearance sales in their deli section towards time of closing. Be sure to scout around the deli section 15-30mins before the store closes. The supermarket around my place sells the roasted chickens for ½ price just 20mins before closing. And that’s cheaper than buying a raw chicken!